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Marketing assets production and event website for ticket sales

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About Imagien


At we are working with world class partners to transform the live entertainment industry into a new era, where physical live events merge with in-home entertainment, bringing millions of people to great live shows all over the world, from home.

Our mission

We are on a mission to do for live entertainment, what TV has done for sports. We are partnering with rights holders, show producers, promoters and the in-home entertainment industry to pave the way for the next generation home entertainment, by creating the most immersive and engaging way of experiencing live shows from home.

After years of development and a series of successful events, the Imagien platform is officially launching in 2024 and gives the industry new opportunities in the creation of digital immersive live pay-per-view events.

With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, we are working on a global scale with shows all around the world.

Our PPV's

  • 4.8/ 5.0Average rating
    of a PPV
  • 6
    Average project
    lead time
  • 44No of markets promoting
    a single PPV simultaneously
  • Day of
    the PPV
    Top day of
    ticket sales
  • 3
    Average time
    of production
  • 20%Of PPV tickets are
    bought by companies
  • 2
    on-sale period
  • 14%Highest conversion on
    a marketing campaign
Our partnerships


Strong partnerships

Live global PPV events requires high quality standards and performance in all chains of execution - from creative storytelling, multicam production, promotion, ticketing, media distribution and end consumer support.

Therefore, we have selected a series of strong technical platform partners as well as highly skilled operational project suppliers.

All of our projects are custom setup, with partners signed on each projects needs.

Quotes from some of our partners

  • Partnering with Imagien fits our digital strategy perfectly and enables us to grow fast in new demographics and markets. These initiatives help accelerate all parts of our business.

    CCO at rights holder
  • We are excited to promote a new type of immersive show at home to our customers. It is a way for us to broaden our offer and grow our customer base.

    Senior Director at major promoter
  • Imagien produced our show on a regular night with a full house. Very professional, non-intrusive production that was well led and organized.

    Technical Director at show producer
  • An amazing way of watching a live show! It felt like I was there with the artist. To move around and interact so close to everything. The best show I have seen so far.

    PPV viewer from New York
  • This was the most fun we have had in years. To let our fans in so close behind the scenes was a unique way for us to connect and give them something they have never seen before.

    Lead artist in major show
  • We have never done anything like this before. We are very proud to have been part of this fun and innovative production. The future of TV is here!

    Head of reality at production company

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About Imagien

Imagien is a Swedish based company with a global network of partners on a mission to lead the digital transformation of the live entertainment industry. Our end-to-end platform delivers solutions for worldwide pay per view events.

About Gigset

Gigset is a brand owned by Imagien that is used in delivering digital services and functions related to our PPVs.

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